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Attic Mold Removal

Dec 20, 2022

When you think about mold, your first thought is probably not that it grows well in the attic. However, moisture from an inefficient or leaky roof, coupled with a lack of ventilation, means that it can and does happen.

You might not even know that you have attic mold until it has grown so prevalent that you see spots on the ceiling when you’re up there. Alternatively, perhaps you go up into your attic often but have noticed some unpleasant smells or seen some discoloration on the floor boards.

Either way, if you suspect that you have attic mold, then your concerns are valid and action needs to be taken. Let’s take a look at what causes attic mold and what steps we recommend taking if you discover that you do have it in your home.

What is Attic Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi (an organism that does not produce its own food but gets energy from what is already present) that grows in places with excessive moisture or humidity. It commonly feeds off of cellulose, the substance that makes up most of the structure of homes.

Attic mold is one of the most dangerous types of indoor mold because it is so difficult to detect until it has permeated your entire home’s structure. This is because the attic is a dark and humid area that is far from frequent foot traffic, so it is easy for mold to grow there unnoticed.

If you do not take care of the mold in your attic, it can cause health problems such as allergies, irritation of the eyes, skin, and lungs, headaches, difficulty breathing, and a general feeling of unwellness. 

In some cases, it can cause serious health conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. So, if you have mold in your attic, it’s essential to take steps to remove it.

Why Does Attic Mold Grow?

Mold grows when the conditions are right for it to do so. It requires moisture, food, and air.

Usually, if these three things are controlled in a home, mold will not grow. But if there’s a problem with one or more of these three things, that’s when mold might take hold.

For example, if there’s a leak in your roof and water is running into the attic, that’s the first condition that needs to be met for mold to grow. But if there’s no way to get rid of that water or if the attic doesn’t have good ventilation, the water will sit there, providing food for the mold.

And with no air circulation, mold will grow quickly and can soon spread throughout the attic.

Signs of Attic Mold

  • Discoloration: Mold can cause spots on your attic floorboards. Mold has a specific look to it, so if you see it, it’s a clear indicator that there is mold growing in your attic.
  • Bad Smell: A bad smell in your attic is another sure sign of mold. Often, the smell will come from where the mold has grown. If you notice a bad smell in your attic, that is another sign of mold.
  • Black or Blue Spots: These spots on your ceiling are often shaped like patches. These are signs of mold growing on the joists that hold up your ceiling.
  • Itchy or Runny Eyes or Other Respiratory Issues: If you are experiencing itchy eyes or a runny nose while in your attic, then it could be due to the conditions that allow mold to grow.
  • Smoke detectors, Light fixtures, or Bathroom Fans Leaking Water: This is a sure indication that moisture is present in the floor (or attic) above you and that it must be dealt with.

How to Remove Attic Mold

If you find that you have attic mold, you’ll need to get rid of it. The most obvious solution is hiring a professional mold removal company like us, ZeroMold. We use specialized equipment to get rid of the mold and sanitize your attic so that the problem does not return. 

However, if you’d prefer to tackle the mold removal project yourself, here are a few things you can do:

  • Keep the Area Sealed Off: Spread plastic sheeting in your attic using tape. This stops mold spores from dispersing throughout the house.
  • Wet Vacuum: To get rid of the accumulated water, use a wet vacuum. The wet vacuum will suck up the mold spores. Do not use a dry vacuum. It will just cause mold to be released into the atmosphere.
  • Organize and Dry the Space: Sweep and scrub the area after applying the vacuum treatment. Use heaters or fans to dry out the attic. Dehumidifiers can also be useful. Before moving on to the next step, ensure the attic is tidy and dry.
  • Blasting with Dry Ice: Mold removal via dry ice blasting is highly successful. It can access small crevices, gaps in framing, and other challenging places. Dry ice blasting loosens up the mold on the surface of the attic and then uses thermal shock to remove it.
  • Chemicals: Although using anti-microbial agents can be slightly risky, they aid in the removal of mold. You can always hire ZeroMold to do it for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Natural Solutions

There are natural ways to get rid of mold. This should be the best option for you if you have reservations about the use of chemicals. Start by cleaning your attic, bagging up anything to dry it out, and completely drying the attic using fans or dehumidifiers.

Next, combine a cup of water with white vinegar or tea tree oil. Then, put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it on the section of your attic that is occupied by mold.

You can also use one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water to remove heavy molds. Spray it on the moldy areas and let it sit for an hour to see the results. In the same manner, hydrogen peroxide can also be helpful for tough molds which is natural and safe to use.

Contact ZeroMold to Remove Mold in Your Attic

If you have discovered that you have mold in your attic and are unsure of how to remove the mold, your best option is to hire ZeroMold. We are a professional mold removal company with the experience and equipment necessary to safely and thoroughly detect and remove the mold from your attic.

Family-owned and operated, ZeroMold provides a one-stop service for all of your mold removal and water damage cleanup needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the mold and water damage cleanup industry and use only the latest eco-friendly technology and techniques. 

Being fully IICRC-certified with a 100% success rate, we take pride in providing our services in a friendly, reliable, and professional manner. We will not only clean up the mold but also disinfect the area where it was found and treat your roof to prevent mold growth in the future. 

If you have discovered that you have mold in your attic, you must take action as soon as possible. Not only will a small amount of mold pose a health risk to your family members, but a large amount can be very dangerous, even leading to the loss of your house.

Contact ZeroMold today for any mold disaster. Call us anytime at (888) 928-6653 for a free evaluation and inspection, or email us at [email protected] for your questions.


Although most people think about mold only in relation to damp basements and damp crawl spaces, it can and does grow in the attic. The mold can spread throughout the home and affect everything, including not just your health but also the health of your home, which is why it is important to take care of it. 

If you think you have mold in your attic, then it is essential to take action to remove it. The best way to do this is to have a professional like ZeroMold, who has been trained specifically in this area, and will come to your home and remove the mold for you.

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