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Creating Happy & Healthy Homes

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Smarter, More Effective Mold Removal

Mold can be difficult and dangerous to clean up by yourself. Traditional mold contractors use harsh chemicals and outdated methods. ZeroMold's revolutionary technology is 99.99% effective, non-toxic and completely safe for people and pets. When you call the Experts at ZeroMold®, you will enjoy a fresh, healthy, mold free home. We also ensure that good air-quality doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, so we charge much less than our competitors. Our primary objective is to help you lead a wholesome life, by eliminating health-related risks at home.


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The First

Whole-House Wellness Program

Our 4-dimensional wellness model creates a long-lasting healthy environment to insure the health and wellbeing of your family. This innovative approach is the ultimate solution to living in a mold free environment.

Customer Care

A culture of caring, knowledge, and support has been created at ZeroMold that sets us apart from other mold remediation companies. We maintain  highly trained technicians who value customer service.

Stand Out Service

ZeroMold distinguishes ourselves from the competition by using a proprietary mold removal system. We are committed to being completely non-toxic, and not using harsh chemicals, or anything toxic!

Solutions for Challenging Projects

ZeroMold is the trusted leader when it comes to mold removal. No matter where the mold is, we have a plan to remove it. We'll find mold in the toughest, hard to reach spots. It's our job to make your environment safe and healthy again.

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A Clean, Healthy Home

There's something about a clean home that makes you feel better.

Whether it's a nasty smell, a mess from water damage, or just not feeling well in your own home, with ZeroMold, we help homeowners set the stage for their best living by creating clean, healthy spaces.

When you hire ZeroMold, you can feel comfortable knowing we're removing mold and germs from your air and surfaces, and we're doing it safely without harsh chemicals.

  • Non-Toxic, Eco-friendly - Safe for People &  Pets
  • Guarantee with 1-Year Warranty
  • Highly Trained & Background Checked Mold Experts
  • Licensed, Insured & Certified

What Our Clients Love

This stuff works great!!! We had a serious mold with mycotoxins issue growing behind a very poorly installed tile shower wall in our new home which caused serious health problems for my husband and me. This company did excellent work, provided excellent customer service, but most importantly, their treatment worked! The moldy, musty smell is now gone. Everything is fresh and clean. Our health issues are resolving. 

Lori Wilson

I just had a FREE and THOROUGH assessment ( still can't believe it was free) done by ZeroMold and I tell you-- you can tell when a person takes value and has passion for service. Taylor was honest and detailed (and extremely knowledgeable) Very reasonable quote for the quality of service you'll be receiving (quite shocking and impressive) I'm looking forward to his expertise.
Thank you again ZeroMold.

Melody Spencer

ZeroMold saved the day in a big way for us.  After we learned that he could fog the home to kill all mold and that he would guarantee his work, we felt comfortable enough to move forward with the purchase of the home. Additionally, ZeroMold's quote for the job was less than half the other companies, and he remediated the entire home. We ended up buying the home, and we did have a lot of mold. I am convinced the ZeroMold process is the way to go for mold remediation!

Greg Weeks

ZeroMold was absolutely the epitome of professional. He does what he says he’s going to do. He is prompt, courteous, thoughtful, and above all AMAZING at his profession. I would hire him 6 times again before I went to another company. If you require his services, you would be sorely disappointed if you go anywhere else. A man who knows what a handshake means. 1000% would hire again.

Paxton Windholz

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Simply the most convenient, cost effective MOLD REMOVAL system available!


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