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Residential Water Damage Restoration in Park City, UT: Home Water Damage Repair & Cleanup Services

ZeroMold should be the first call for residents looking for water damage and mold cleanup, repair, and restoration. We have been serving the community for over 30 years and also have built a reputation Park City homeowners trust. If you are suffering from flood damage or a broken water pipe, our contractors are on call 24 hours a day and can at your home swiftly. We use state of the art pumps and dehumidifiers for the water removal process, so you can have your Park City house back as fast as possible.

Flood Water Extraction for Park City Homes

If your house in Park City has suffered a flood, you must get water removal services to your house as soon as you can. Water damage and mold repairs stack up quickly. The longer it takes for extraction of the water, the further into your walls and cabinets it could penetrate. But if service is put off too long, more expensive water damage restoration and repair will become necessary. That is why our team uses some of the best dehydrators available.

Cleanup & Water Damage Repair in Park City

Following the water removal from your home, the next step is cleanup of the damage. Carpeting and drywall often must be disposed of after becoming waterlogged. Also, if your home has been flooded, outside particles are washed into your house. Before restoration of the water damage and mold can begin, all of this refuse must be removed properly, so our Park City contractors have a clean area to start repairs.

Restoration of Water Damaged Park City Homes

Once extraction of standing water and removal of damaged parts of your Park City home has been completed, repairs will start. Our contractors are experienced in the restoration of any water damaged part of your house. With a long-standing history in tile work, cabinet construction, and drywall repairs, your home will be left looking better than ever! Hire the professionals at ZeroMold in Park City for all of your water damage restoration needs.

Call ZeroMold for Expert Water and Mold Mitigation Services in Park City, UT

Water damage strikes at the most inconvenient times, leaving your home or business a mess. Our company has over 30 years of experience in emergency water removal and restoration. When you need help, contact ZeroMold for swift and thorough clean up and mold abatement services. Call or fill out a contact form to speak to one of our representatives, today!

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