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Over Three Decades Taking Mold Out Of The Equation

Founded in 1985, with over three decades of experience in battling mold, we have come a long way in keeping families safe day in and day out. True to our name, ZeroMold focuses on wiping out even the slightest traces of mold, that contaminate your home.

Our technology is convenient and cost-effective, making us a trusted choice for reliable, permanent, fuss-free, mold removal.

Why Trust Us?

We live, eat, and breathe hygiene. It is something that requires utmost patience and attention. While mold removal remains our core area of expertise, we do more than just that.

With the aim to create an overall healthy environment, we offer sanitation services, decontamination, covid cleanup, and even water damage restoration.

A Clean Slate Starts At Home

Nothing gives you a fresh new start, like cleaning up your physical space. At ZeroMold, we use state-of- the-art technology that is non-toxic and safe for all your family members, including pets. To top it off, our technology is 99.99% efficient, making it a clean sweep. We also ensure that basic hygiene doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, so we charge less than half of what our competitors do.

A Healthy Home Is A Happy Home

We cannot emphasize the importance of health, especially with so many strains of viruses floating in the air. Our primary objective is to help you lead a wholesome life, by eliminating health-related risks at home. Thanks to our advanced technology, we perform mold removal better by being cost and time-efficient.

Do your home’s hygiene and mold situation need a check-up?

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Eradicate surface and airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses with 99.999% efficiency.


Our eco-friendly, non-toxic method is safe for your family and the environment. 


Our cost is typically less than half that of other mold remediation companies.

Demolition Free

Our penetrating method excludes the need for demolition and requires only one application.


There is no need to tear out perfectly good materials. These surfaces can be restored within minutes.

With traditional mold remediation, surfaces are removed and rebuilt, raising costs and causing disruption to you and your home.  ZeroMold can treat all of your home's surfaces safely and with less cost and disruption for you.

Our product will penetrate materials, including drywall. Within moments, your structure can look like new!


Air quality is important! The air we breathe is often contaminated with particles. When those particles become excessive, they compromise the integrity of your home environment.

Our cutting-edge technology allows our technicians to cleanse the air of these airborne contaminants. This fogging process removes odor from your home and effectively gets rid of airborne mold spores. The Fogging Process...





With the increase in "whole house" treatment as part of a complete remediation protocol, showing the quality of your work is a must.

The quality of the air in your home and the test reports provided will be based on International Standards set for clean air.  More Testing Info...


ZeroMold guarantees that after treatment the indoor mold levels will be at safe levels in accordance with current outdoor mold levels or International Standards Organization (ISO) standard and in coordination with the World Health Organization. Owner understands that they are responsible to get testing done after completion of work by a Certified Industrial Hygienist. Guarantee and warranty are void if testing is not done within 24 hours after completion of remediation.


Mold Services are warrantied for a period of 1 year when the entire property is treated. Dated one year from the date listed on the invoice. If at anytime during the following 12 months, mold is found in the area of service at a greater density than the outside air, ZeroMold will re-treat the area at no charge. Warranty is void if additional water is introduced to premises, or if any current water issues have not been fixed. Attics and crawlspaces are not included in warranty.


At ZeroMold, we understand that everybody wants to get the best deal and still have their home repaired properly. That’s why we offer a price match guarantee. We will match or beat any competitor’s price. In the rare instance that you happen to find a quote that is less than ours, then we’ll match or beat it with the following condition: the written quote must be shown to ZeroMold, and it should detail the areas and exact services that the competitor intends to perform.  We will match the the competitors price based on services and areas of the home included in the competitors quote.


Our Master Technicians are highly trained individuals who will do everything they can to identify and subsequently solve your mold problems. In most cases, you will be back in your home the same day. Your representative is also trained to maintain your confidentiality at all times.


We will generally use only two products during the mold cleaning process. The first product is GM6000 that will clean the visible mold, if present, and is used on hard surfaces only, such as walls, ceilings, tiles and concrete. Importantly, unlike some other products, GM6000 will not remove the paint from your walls or ceiling. Part two of our process is the most important. We will fog the entire structure with a product that will eliminate the spores. GM2000 is biodegradable, non toxic, low/non irritant and non corrosive. Best of all, it will eliminate the spores throughout your structure, thus preventing other colonies of mold being able to form in other rooms or areas. *We have a fully organic products if requested.


What is MOLD doing to your HEALTH?

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