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Restoration & Remediation Company in Logan, UT: Mold Remediation Services, Water & Flood Cleanup, Sanitation Services & More

Water damage is a serious threat to your home or business. It can slowly erode the structural integrity of your property and provide a breeding ground for mold. Structural mold damage restoration should be performed by qualified contractors to ensure it will not spread. So, call ZeroMold in Logan today for professional assistance. Our company has over 30 years of experience with water damage and mold restoration services in the Logan area.

Qualified Water Cleanup Service in Logan

Flood damage repair begins with the removal of accumulated water and running dehydrators to ensure the removal of all excess moisture. If you have a broken pipe or a backed-up sewer line, our Logan contractors can have your property cleaned up in no time. With careful cleaning and treatment with powerful anti-fungal agents, we can prevent the need for mold removal services in the future. Once we are confident that the affected area is dry and treatment has been applied, the next step is restoration services for water damaged areas. Our contractors will have your Logan property fixed as good as new!

Logan Mold Removal Services

Mold growth is a health risk that must be taken seriously and dealt with quickly. Floods, broken pipes, and leaky roofs can cause moisture to accumulate, providing mold a place to grow. If mold takes hold, it can spread throughout your Logan property, which is costly in the long run. Do not wait for mold removal and damage restoration services because mold reproduces quickly and can spread throughout your home. ZeroMold is the company Logan residents trust for mold removal services, restoring the health and longevity of your home or business.

Simply the most Comprehensive, Convenient, and Cost-Effective MOLD REMOVAL system available

1Treat the Surface

There is no need to tear out perfectly good materials. These surfaces can be restored within minutes.

With traditional mold remediation, surfaces are removed and rebuilt, raising costs and causing disruption to you and your home. ZeroMold can treat all of your home's surfaces safely and with less cost and disruption for you.

Our product will penetrate materials, including drywall, yet will not affect most paints. Within moments, your structure can look like new!

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2Fog the Air

Air quality is important! The air we breathe is often contaminated with particles. When those particles become excessive, they compromise the integrity of your home environment.

Our cutting-edge technology allows our technicians to cleanse the air of these airborne contaminants. This fogging process removes odor from your home and effectively gets rid of airborne mold spores.

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3Clearance Test

AIQ Analytics

With the increase in "whole house" treatment as part of a complete remediation protocol, showing the quality of your work is a must.

The quality of the air in your home and the test reports provided will be based on International Standards set for clean air.

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Female worker of cleaning service removes mold from wall using spray bottle with mold remediation chemicals, mold removal products and scraper tool.

Flood Damage Repair for Logan

If your Logan home or business requires water damage repair, our company has the restoration services you need. Repairing water damage should be performed by a qualified contractor who knows best how to ensure that all of the damage is removed. They can also check the framework of your home for damage and ensure it is structurally safe. Our company's water damage restoration contractors have years of experience in Logan, so you can trust that no issues will arise in the future.


No mold remediation system does a more thorough job of addressing both the visible mold and air quality. Your ZeroMold Technician can prove it with state-of-the-art clearance reporting based on International Standards and signed off by a biochemist immediately. BOTTOM LINE...WE GET IT ALL!


The ZeroMold System, in most cases, can have you back in your home the same day. Why be displaced from your home for weeks to months for unnecessary tear out of building materials that are not compromised? BOTTOM LINE...WE MAKE IT EASY!


With the ZeroMold System, your mold remediation technician can do a better job, more efficiently, with far less reconstructive costs. BOTTOM LINE...WE SAVE YOU MONEY!

Call ZeroMold for Expert Water and Mold Mitigation Services in Logan, UT

Water damage strikes at the most inconvenient times, leaving your home or business a mess. Our company has over 30 years of experience in emergency water removal and restoration. When you need help, contact ZeroMold for swift and thorough clean up and mold abatement services. Call or fill out a contact form to speak to one of our representatives, today!

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