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About Us

ZeroMold provides a one-stop service for all of your mold removal, odor removal, and disinfection services needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the mold removal industry and use only the latest eco-friendly technology and techniques. We take pride in providing our services in a friendly, reliable and professional manner. We are also fully IICI certified with a 100% success rate.

Mold damages any surface it lives on, and can even cause structural damage to buildings. It is also a major health hazard, especially for people with mold allergies, weakened immune systems, and chronic lung diseases. Furthermore, we are passionate about mold mitigation and have the expertise to ensure that your home is safe from the hazardous effects of mold.

To make your home or business a safer, cleaner environment to live or work in, get in touch with our friendly mold removal specialists today. We proudly provide mold removal, odor removal, and residential and commercial disinfection services in Utah County, Salt Lake Valley, UT, and the surrounding areas.

Our Story

We got our start over 30 years ago in the restoration industry. We quickly became General Contractors and Certified Restorers and have spent many years helping people get their lives back together after a disaster. We’ve specialized in all aspects of restoration from a small flood to a large house fire. Our focus has always been on the mold remediation. We were known for keeping up with the latest technology. If there was something better out there we would find it and make it part of our arsenal of tools to do our trade.

In the past, we removed mold just like everyone else, the old fashion way, using time consuming methods that took days or even weeks. We would set up containment to trap mold spores while we demolished sections of the home. We would have to wipe down walls, HEPA vacuum and pump air out of the home until we could get an air quality test that reached healthy levels. That was the technology that was available at the time and we were the best at what we did. Now with all the latest technology everything has changed…

After searching for a better way to remove mold, we have found that a combination of HEPA vacuuming, cleaning, air scrubbing and dry fogging is the best way to completely remove any mold issue people have.  We use all the latest techniques and customize a plan to meet the customers individual needs. 

We have helped thousands of people put their homes, businesses, and lives back together after a flood, sewer damage or other disastrous event. We are quite different from most mold damage contractors. We specialize in pleasing people by providing quality work in a timely manner. The bottom line is getting our customers back to normal fast.