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A Healthy Home Is A Happy Home

Our objective is to help you lead a wholesome life, by eliminating health-related risks at home.


Spend Less For The Best MOLD REMOVAL System Available!

The Right Technology Makes All The Difference

The ZeroMold System incorporates processes and products to take a holistic approach to remediating mold and improving indoor air quality within your home.

No mold remediation system does a more thorough job of addressing both the VISIBLE mold and the INVISIBLE effects on your indoor air quality.

ZeroMold's scientifically-proven mold remediation and air quality treatments are leading the industry. The science, safety, and satisfaction of The ZeroMold System are of utmost importance.

What you can expect from ZeroMold

Nothing gives you a fresh new start, like cleaning up your physical space. At ZeroMold, we use state-of- the-art technology that is non-toxic and safe for all your family members, including pets.

ZeroMold guarantees that after mold clean up & treatment the indoor mold levels will be at safe levels.
Mold Services are warrantied for a period of 1 year when the entire property is treated.
ZeroMold offers a price match guarantee. We will match or beat any competitor’s price.

ZeroMold Means Clean

Our technology is convenient and cost-effective, making us a trusted choice for reliable, permanent, fuss-free, mold removal.

What People Are Saying About ZeroMold...

  • Carly was super helpful in scheduling an appointment for us and going into the pricing structure and services. Professional and personable, she really made everything easy and transparent. Even when there was a hiccup and I had to reschedule, she was available to do so right away. I highly recommend them!
  • ZeroMold saved the day in a big way for us. We were looking to purchase a home and the inspector identified some water issues. We were pretty sure there was going to be mold. We called a few companies and found their responses to be very ambiguous in terms of potential costs and remediation methods. We were very close to pulling out of the offer on the home until we spoke with Jerel.
  • This stuff works great!!! We had a serious mold with mycotoxins issue growing behind a very poorly installed tile shower wall in our new home which caused serious health problems for my husband and me. This company did excellent work, provided excellent customer service, but most importantly, their treatment worked!

    Lori Wilson

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Simply the most convenient, cost effective MOLD REMOVAL system available!

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