Latest technology in mold removal

Our non-toxic, Dry Fog Technology is the most effective and affordable way to clean and disinfect a home with mold.  Unlike traditional tear-out and rebuild methods, our dry fog requires no demolition and is safe for people, pets and the environment.

This new technology eliminates any mold issues from your home and provides a protection against future mold. We offer a 1 year warranty that no other company can provide. 

ZeroMold is the most effective and affordable way to remove mold – Guaranteed!

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We specialize in…

Mold Removal

ZeroMold revolutionizes the way mold remediation is done. Our patented technology allows for stress free mold removal in your home. Save time and money – no demolition!

Odor Control

Don’t ignore a bad smell in your home. Smelly odors can indicate the presence of harmful bacteria, mold or other contaminants. Our Dry Fog technology is your solution for odor control.


ZeroMold’s two part cleaning system will disinfect every toy and table top, and will create a barrier against bacteria and viruses that will keep your little one from getting the sniffles.

What makes us unique

With over 30 years in the restoration industry, ZeroMold has helped thousands of people put their homes and lives back together. With our patented non-toxic dry fog system, ZeroMold can tackle the most difficult mold problems in only a few hours. Forget the old remediation methods that require demolition. This technology is quicker and more effective than the outdated methods and it also saves the customers money!

If you have a home infected with mold, ZeroMold has the modern effective solution you need. Call us today!

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